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Detective, Adventurer, Explorer
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Hi, My name is Hermyne and I'm a very curious mouse who's always interested in exploring.  One of my favorite things are THE VIRTUES, which are just ways to be a better you.  Wherever I am, I look for ways to make new friends so, together, we can discover new virtues and then practice them.  I hope you decide to join me, as I'm always just inside the "Hermyne Tab".  Also click "Hermyne's Friends" to visit a Baha'i children's class in another part of the world..

"Though She Be But Little She Is Fierce" - Shakespeare

Let The Search Begin


Find "Virtues Diary", and, if you like, begin to make one of your own, adding pages to keep track of the VIRTUES you explore with Hermyne.

The following VIRTUES are available.  

Diary Cover - posted               Purposefulness - posted           Honesty - posted         

Creativity - posted                  Orderliness - posted                   Kindness - posted

Friendliness - posted             Peacefulness - posted               Forgiveness - posted

Generosity - posted                Love - posted        

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