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Bearly There Fables

by Judy Cobb
Dear Reader, Every story always has a beginning, middle and end.  The beginning, in this case, is the Elegant Miss Osa Bearly who resides in Bruinville.  It sets the stage for the middle, which is the following 7 Fables, which will all be posted by the end of 2023, with illustrations that may be colored in by the reader.  Who knows, there may be more in the end. . . 


     You may want to start by reading the original "Osa Bearly", under Things to Print.  You'll get to know her, and her friends, who live in a town where all are willing to learn to be better neighbors.


                                     Table of Contents

1. Little Lies and Big Hats (posted)

2. The Strange Incident on Grubb Street

3. The Revenge of the Frogs

4. The Cat of Many Colors

5. Stuck Up a Tree (posted)

6. One Bicycle Too Far

7. The Tale That Wagged the Dog

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