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Bearly There Fables

by Judy Cobb
Dear Reader, Every story always has a beginning, middle and end.  The beginning, in this case, is the Elegant Miss Osa Bearly who resides in Bruinville.  It sets the stage for the middle, which is the following 7 Fables, which will all be posted by the end of 2023, with illustrations that may be colored in by the reader.  Who knows, there may be more in the end. . . 


     You may want to start by reading the original "Osa Bearly", under Things to Print.  You'll get to know her, and her friends, who live in a town where all are willing to learn to be better neighbors.


                                     Table of Contents

1. Little Lies and Big Hats (posted)

2. The Strange Incident on Grubb Street (posted 9/2/23)

3. The Revenge of the Frogs

4. The Cat of Many Colors

5. Stuck Up a Tree (posted)

6. One Bicycle Too Far

7. The Tale That Wagged the Dog

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